Tantric Intercourse Ideas – 7 Methods to Please Your Lover

Tantra is a non secular path that embraces sexuality as a doorway to the Divine. In the event you expertise love making as a residing prayer and see our beloved as a God or Goddess, then intercourse can take you past the world of type, into the formless mystical realms. Listed here are 7 Tantric ideas that can assist you flip intercourse right into a non secular apply.

Kissing and Biting the Neck

The neck is a delicate and thrilling erogenous zone.  Discover the entire neck and throat space utilizing varied forms of kisses, nibbles, nips and bites. Take course out of your lover as to what they like. See if you happen to can convey your lover to orgasm by solely stimulating their neck.

Related Respiratory

Earlier than making love, take time to breathe collectively and join your power. Apply gradual stomach respiration whereas gazing into every others’ eyes. Do that apply till you are feeling the power flowing between you. Join  your power  to your lover’s power starting on the base of the backbone and transferring as much as the guts.

Share How You Prefer to Be Cherished

Take turns telling your lover precisely the way you prefer to be love. Be particular. Present them the place and the right way to contact you. You could even need to show by touching your self as they watch. Describe the way you prefer to be kissed, if you happen to like your hair pulled, describe a favourite fantasy, and so on.

Embody a Specific God or Goddess

Gown up as a specific God or Goddess, equivalent to Krishna and Radha, the Hindu God and Goddess of Love . Embody their qualities and picture how it might be to make love to one another as this God and Goddess. Then play out your roles as “Divine  Lovers.”

Erotic Therapeutic massage

Give your loved one an erotic therapeutic massage. Take your time, use lengthy gradual strokes, and go gradual. Uncover new methods to present them pleasure.  Assist them increase their “pleasure physique” through the use of, the three Keys of Sky Dancing Tantra, breath, sound and motion.

Recite Erotic Poetry

Discover poetry that turns you on. I like Rumi, Hafiz, and Kabir. Spend time studying erotic poetry aloud to your lover.  Write your lover an erotic or ecstatic poem and recite to him/her. Make up a Haiku. Let language therapeutic massage your soul.  

Be a Love Artist

Stretch your self and uncover new methods to like as you by no means have earlier than. Be a canvass for like to play upon. Know you can’t fail as a love artist. People are love in type. Permit your self to be impressed and share your imaginative and prescient with others.

Tantra is an historic non secular path that embraces all areas of life as a path to awakening. People have to be touched and really feel love. Sexuality is a method to connect with your life power power and enter ecstatic realms. Studying to present and obtain pleasure is wholesome, enjoyable and bonding. Apply loving your self and others day by day. Unfold the enjoyment and create a greater world.  

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