2 Explosive Sex Positions to Spark Orgasmic Pleasure – Use These to Keep Her Totally Satisfied!


#1. Parallel Parking: in this position, you are required to lie flat on the bed with your legs bend. You then spread your legs a little so that your partner can position herself in between her legs. She sits onto your rock hard manhood, facing the left side of your legs. While thrusting, she leans forward so the pleasure-receptive clitoris rubs against your thighs. That way, she gets to grind back-and-forth to tantalize the joy button. She can also angle her hip to find the best arrangement to achieve the big “O”. Plus, your groin has great access to the G-spot. The double orgasmic pleasure will push her over the brink of ecstasy!

Tip: prior to the deed, you will wan to apply few drops of warming lubes on her lower belly and private area. Also, spend some times to massage her feet to keep them warm. These tricks will supercharge her sensation during penetrative sex.

#2. The Stairway: sit your lucky lady on the second-to-last stair. You can put a hard pillow under her back to make her feel comfortable. You stand in between her legs and approach the vaginal canal from front. Once you are inside her, she rests her legs against your shoulder to allow for deliciously deep thrusting. Also, you will be able to swirl your pelvis to apply passionate pressure to the bliss buttons on vaginal wall. Or, you can to deliver the naughty goods by teasing her. Either way, the tantalization will drive her extremely wild in between the sheets!

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