• 3D Creator Alpha Replace 0.0.3

    3D Creator Updatelog 0.0.3

    New Results System: Postprocessing + Directional Solar Mild

    Press [E] key to open the brand new postprocessing results

    Set Daylight Route (time of day) Intenisty & coloration from coloration picker.

    Added Submit Porocessing results:

    • Atmospheric Fog
    • Chromatic aberrations
    • Bloom
    • Depth of Subject
    • Vignette + Grain

    Up to date lighting system:

    RGB lights up to date with coloration picker; now you may select between a number of coloration tones.

    Three totally different units of RGB lights with tone and depth and limitless rgb lights from every set.

    Added customizable directional skylight at results menu.

    Normal updates:

    • Mounted bone rotations sliders: now you may choose/change worth of every slider instantly.
    • Added tootips
    • Mounted capabilities
    • Up to date GUI & controls