3D Creator Replace 0.0.6

New Physics System Applied

Press [P] to Allow / Disable Physics on character

Now you possibly can pose the character with the brand new Physics system (testing stage) and mix the bone positions with the Pose System [Enter]

I’ve been struggling on how one can make a physics system that may mix with bone rotations, the system is much from full however proper now you may have limitless posibilities to pose the character, it’s a nice step within the growth so i hope you take pleasure in it!

*to rotate Leg bones it is advisable disable physics first then rotate and allow physics once more if wanted.


  • Self physics collision
  • Add extra bones & constraints
  • Replace collisions
  • Breast physics
  • Add Radial and Linear Pressure from runtime to character / bones
  • Mouse Drag physic bones and set place + new rotation system *