• 3D Creator Update 0.0.3

    3D Creator Update 0.0.3

    3D Creator Updatelog 0.0.3

    New Effects System: Postprocessing + Directional Sun Light

    Press [E] key to open the new postprocessing effects

    Set Sunlight Direction (time of day) Intensity & color from color picker.

    Added Post Processing effects:

    • Atmospheric Fog
    • Chromatic aberrations
    • Bloom
    • Depth of Field
    • Vignette + Grain

    Updated lighting system:

    RGB lights updated with color picker; now you can choose between multiple color tones.

    Three different sets of RGB lights with tone and intensity and unlimited rgb lights from each set.

    Added customizable directional skylight at effects menu.

    General updates:

    • Fixed bone rotation sliders: now you can select/change value of each slider directly.
    • Added tooltips
    • Fixed functions
    • Updated GUI & controls. (check Docs)