• 5 Keys to Soulful Intercourse – The Eye Gazing Meditation

    5 Keys to Soulful Intercourse – The Eye Gazing Meditation


    5 Keys to Deep Intimacy and Soulful Intercourse

    1. The Coronary heart Salutation
    2. The Bubble
    3. Needs, Concern and Boundaries
    4. Eye Gazing Observe
    5. Share Your Insights

    A Timeless Observe

    The eyes are the “home windows to the soul.” After we gaze deeply into the eyes of one other individual, we will see past their bodily physique and persona into their essence. The apply of eye gazing is an historic apply present in each Hindu and Buddhist Tantra in addition to within the Sufi custom. This apply is taken into account to be a path to enlightenment. It’s a great option to join on the soul stage. It could possibly to completed along with your beloved earlier than and through intercourse.

    Eye gazing is one thing you’ve got most likely completed naturally whereas gazing into the eyes of a new child child or once you first fell in love. Even when you’re in a dialog and keep eye contact you might be doing a much less targeted type of eye gazing. Eye gazing may be completed as a one-on-one meditation with a buddy or beloved. It will also be completed solo, by gazing right into a mirror. You’ll be able to combine it into every day life by partaking individuals briefly, in passing, with the intent that once you meet their eyes you will notice past their kind, into their essence. A few of the advantages of this apply embody: turning into extra current, opening your coronary heart and increasing your consciousness of the Divine in all beings.

    The Coronary heart Salutation

    You start this apply by acknowledging the Divine in one another with a Coronary heart Salutation. Sit throughout out of your accomplice and look into their eyes. Sustaining eye contact all through the remainder of the method, start by extending your arms in the direction of the earth, palms collectively. Then, inhale and holding your arms in prayer place, deliver them to your coronary heart. Exhale, as you bow ahead and acknowledge the Divine in one another with the Sanskrit salutation “Namaste,” which suggests “I honor the Divine in you as a mirrored image of the Divine inside me.” Inhale, as you straighten again up. Lastly, exhale as you enable your arms to return to the beginning place, pointed in the direction of the earth.

    The Bubble

    Now, create a bubble round you and your accomplice. Do that by waving your arms round each of you defining the form of the bubble that surrounds you. Then gesture, as if eradicating an object out of your bubble and verbally say out loud what you might be eradicating from the bubble. These are issues that will not serve you on this apply (the previous, distractions, anger, fear, and so forth.) Subsequent, gesture and state what stuff you wish to deliver into the bubble. These are issues that can improve your connection (love, willingness, presence, belief and so forth.) At this level, you might wish to provide an appreciation or blessing to the opposite individual (“I honor your coronary heart, which supplies a lot like to the world.”) Creating the bubble helps to name you into current second consciousness and creates a protected area by which to apply the attention gazing meditation.

    Share Your Needs, Fears and Boundaries

    As soon as the bubble is created, share your intentions/needs, fears and limits associated to this apply. First, one individual speaks whereas the opposite individual listens with out judgment or commentary. You then change roles. Right here is an instance:

    “I need to remain current, open and join deeply to your soul.”

    “My worry is that I’ll get self-conscious and can begin appearing foolish.”

    “My boundary is to remain linked to you, even when resistance arises.”

    Why boundaries? After I train this apply in my lessons, individuals typically have resistance to setting boundaries. I clarify that boundaries aren’t partitions, they’re bridges. Bridges assist deliver individuals collectively. Intimacy occurs when individuals have “wholesome” boundaries. Wholesome boundaries let you really feel protected, keep open and be current. Boundaries are dynamic, so you will need to check-in periodically with your self to see in case your boundaries have modified. If they’ve modified, replace your accomplice to allow them to honor your new boundaries. Listed here are a number of examples:

    “I want to finish this apply by midday.”

    “I do not wish to be touched throughout this meditation.”

    “I’m dedicated to staying current on this apply. If I am going into pondering, I’ll shut my eyes for a second and produce myself again into the apply.”

    Eye Gazing Observe

    After you have created the bubble and shared your needs, fears and limits, start the attention gazing apply. Historically, it is strongly recommended that you just start by gazing into left eye. It’s because the left aspect of the physique is taken into account to be the receptive aspect. Use a smooth gaze. This isn’t a staring contest. It’s OK to vary eyes if and once you really feel referred to as too. Simply calm down, breathe and permit the expertise to unfold. Discover what arises with out judging it. Be open and curious, like a toddler.

    You are able to do this apply for so long as you need. I counsel you start with 2 to five minutes of eye gazing the primary time you strive it. Then shut your eyes, go inside and reconnect internally for 1-2 minutes. When you find yourself prepared, open your eyes and start once more. Lengthen the time as you get extra snug with the method. Doing this apply for an prolonged time period can take you to new ranges of connection. Put aside a time when you possibly can apply for 45 to 60 minutes. Eye gazing is a good way to find how open you might be and to note when resistance arises. Should you really feel resistance, enable it to be there. Really feel it and see in case you can enable it to soften away.

    Share Your Insights

    Afterward talk about your expertise along with your accomplice. How does it really feel to be seen? How does it really feel to look deeply into one other individual? Had been you capable of see past their physique and persona? Did you discover their face altering kind? Did you are feeling your coronary heart open? This can be a nice apply for growing intimacy. It may be useful to maintain a journal of your experiences.

    Eye gazing is a straightforward and highly effective apply. It cuts although phantasm and opens the door to Fact. When completed usually, it will possibly remodel your understanding of who you might be. Even when that is the one Tantric apply you ever do, you would Awaken by way of it alone. I invite you to apply eye gazing with your mates in addition to your lovers. When completed earlier than and through intercourse eye gazing can improve your connection each sexually and spiritually, making love then turns into a robust meditation.

    To study extra about Tantra and Sacred Intercourse please have a look at my different articles.


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