• ASMR for These Who Wish to Sleep Soundly Now / 3Hr (No Speaking)

    ASMR for These Who Wish to Sleep Soundly Now / 3Hr (No Speaking)


    Right now’s video is a group of the preferred triggers within the movies I posted up to now ✨

    This video consists of tapping, scratching, mic tapping, ear cleansing, brushing and extra.

    00:00 Preview
    05:29 Urethane sponge
    09:02 Picket spoon tapping
    11:20 Urchin ball (Penetrating)
    15:37 Mino Ware Mic Tapping
    19:04 Cat toys (Ball)
    23:27 Fluffy Mic Cowl
    26:11 Velcro
    29:13 Velcro + Urethane sponge
    30:41 Plastic mini mat scratching
    34:37 Crushed Orbeez
    44:21 Desk Nail tapping (First Particular person)
    49:27 Cotton swab / Ear cleansing (Penetrating)
    54:58 Non Anti Slip Sticker
    58:44 Silicone mat
    1:03:24 Typewriter-style keyboard Typing sounds
    1:09:12 Mosaic Tile Tapping
    1:13:17 Felt scratching
    1:18:55 Tinsel (Pipe cleaner)
    1:23:00 Sticky notes (First Particular person)
    1:26:39 iPhone Field tapping
    1:31:03 Kinetic sand recorded with headphones (Picket fork)
    1:38:36 Bubble peeling pad / Ear therapeutic massage (Penetrating)
    1:44:58 Sponge
    1:52:40 Cushioning materials finger tapping
    1:54:24 Grooming brush + Sponge mic cowl
    1:59:38 Sequins
    2:06:47 Mouse tapping, click on sound
    2:08:45 Silicone Make-up Sponge Finger Tapping
    2:12:00 Squeeze ball + Plastic wrap (First Particular person)
    2:16:33 iPhone 13 Professional tapping
    2:19:34 Mic Brushing + Mic Scratching
    2:22:49 Nylon pouch
    2:28:41 Pop it (First Particular person)
    2:30:28 Kinetic sand Press with honey dipper
    2:30:54 Kinetic sand Reverse
    2:31:19 Kinetic sand Press with honey dipper (2×)
    2:31:33 Grooming brush Finger tapping
    2:33:02 Grooming brush
    2:34:58 Fluffy Mic Cowl + Mohair seal (Brushing)
    2:36:40 Fluffy Mic Cowl
    2:39:32 Ice Dice Tapping
    2:43:26 Crinkle sound
    2:47:53 Hologram tape tapping
    2:49:26 Hologram tape
    2:51:46 Silicone cleaning pad (Penetrating)
    2:56:12 Kinetic sand
    3:03:48 Bangle
    3:06:38 Silicone mascara brush
    3:11:48 Plastic mini mat tapping

    Thanks for watching 🙂
    I hope you’ve gotten good desires🌙

    💖🐱Coromo Sara.

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