• Astrology and Gender and-or Sexual Fluidity

    Astrology and Gender and-or Sexual Fluidity


    My daughters got here residence not too long ago with the dvd Hedwig and the Indignant Inch, a soulful transsexual punk rock musical, directed by and starring the good John Cameron Mitchell. It started as an off Broadway hit however I hadn’t heard of it. I instantly thought that Yitzhak, Hedwig’s second partner and again up singer, was so sizzling – he jogged my memory of some males I’ve been drawn to rolled up into one.

    So when my son turned on the dvd participant this morning and the particular options of the movie started enjoying, I turned glued, after which needed to snort once I discovered that the actor who performed Yitzhak was a girl. That they had me fooled (I had all types or rational the reason why his voice was a girl’s!).

    There are a variety of phrases being thrown round nowadays, which I am viewing as an try and get past the strict duality and polarization of female and male. In any case, we’re everlasting souls quickly assigned to a physique and I believe that the numerous variations on a theme have at all times been with us, together with the ever current strict labeling, defining and conditioning of gender and sexual roles.

    Most individuals do not suppose an excessive amount of about this as a result of for them issues are clear and easy. After which for some not a lot. Each gender and sexual orientation are on a continuum even when the majority of us fall inside the common bell curve. And, one will be drawn to a sure kind however not sexually. Or, as with the most recent idea of pansexual, romantic attraction can occur with anybody, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The range of classifications are rising!

    It is all very complicated, and looking out on the astrology of that is equally complicated since one should clearly first take within the dynamics of the whole chart. Nonetheless, via the work of Jeffrey Wolf Inexperienced and others, I’ve seen the next ideas maintain true:

    Current gender swap could also be indicated with Pluto or the lunar nodes within the 4th / tenth home axis. This correlates with some emotional disorientation if (from a previous life perspective) the swap could be very latest. Barbara Hand Clow additionally mentions the Mars / Venus conjunction.

    For normal themes of homosexual/bisexual, the Scorpio / Taurus axis is at all times implicated in some method, significantly if involving Pluto, Mars, Venus or Chiron. However, there may be additionally practically at all times a robust Gemini, Leo or Aquarius signature, comparable to Venus in Gemini within the eighth home, or Mars in Aquarius sq. Pluto. With the Mars / Venus conjunction, I’ve seen a frequent correlation with the balsamic part however not the brand new part.

    Pisces is commonly a correlated signature, which could lend the flexibility to be pretty open and boundariless when confronted with the extra distinctive and completely different orientations. I see Mars, or another sturdy Pisces signature ceaselessly when finding out charts particularly of similar intercourse orientation.

    After which there may be the fascinating Virgo connection that reveals up with transsexual or transgender circumstances, which might lend the flexibility to good and enhance upon what’s in place.

    If I have been to fully let myself go previous the limitations of conditioning, I’d most likely name myself pansexual as I’ve at one time or one other discovered myself intensely drawn to somebody in virtually each class there may be. That does not imply I’ve or will act upon these wishes, it merely opens up my thoughts to how fluid this complete space of our humanity is.

    There’s additionally a distinction between a sexual attraction and falling in love. Not everybody could also be keyed into that, however it’s one thing that my Venus in Taurus (third home) reverse Saturn in Scorpio (retro in ninth) is aware of too nicely. A lesson for a Taurus Venus goes past the bodily….however from the bodily viewpoint a sure kind drives me loopy…bodily androgyny (somebody who has each masculine and female traits – I put Johnny Depp or David Bowie in that class for example) and includes a variety of ambiguity and variety. The Gemini theme in my chart contains the Venus in Taurus within the third home, a Gemini Solar, Mercury and South Node, which in some home programs falls into the 4th, others the fifth (Leo) which additionally has my Most cancers Mars trine Neptune (Pisces) within the eighth home – to not neglect the Scorpio Saturn. My rising signal is Aquarius.


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