• Better Sex With Humming, and Other Oral Tricks

    Better Sex With Humming, and Other Oral Tricks


    For some men, any kind of oral sex is a good thing. But most men are also happy to explore ways of elevating good sex to even better sex – which is where humming and other tricks and techniques can come in handy. A man should practice good penis care and therefore display a penis that is visibly healthy and more inviting to the person performing oral sex – and as the act progresses, he may suggest that his partner try out a few of the following ideas.


    Many people hum absent-mindedly while they are going about their chores. Adding a little humming to oral sex can have very pleasurable results for a man.

    There’s no real trick to it. All the person performing the oral gratification needs to do is simply hum as h or she goes. The act of humming produces a light, constant vibration in the throat which is transferred to the engulfed organ. It sounds simple, but the vibrating produces an intense feeling in the member.

    Different notes produce different intensities of vibration, so a person may want to experiment to see what works best. Varying the notes, or stopping and starting humming, can be an excellent way to provide sensual variety for the man on the receiving end.


    Since vibrations can be so handy in making good oral sex into better sex, some couples may want to add an actual vibrator. The advantage that a hand held vibrator can have over humming is that the mouth can be in one area while the vibrator is a different one, providing double the pleasure for the lucky man.

    Whistle while you work.

    Oral gratification for a man can be enhanced if his partner engages in a little whistling as well. There are two ways that whistling can be an additive pleasure in these instances.

    In the first instance, the partner doesn’t actually produce a whistling sound. Rather, while the organ is in the mouth, the partner blows in the same manner one would if one were whistling. The rush of air in the enclosed space creates a distinctive tingling sensation.

    In the second, the partner holds the member in his or her hands and does not take the manhood into the mouth. Rather, he or she whistles all along the penis, paying particular attention to the glans and to the sensitive area on the underside of the glans. This can be especially arousing to a man.

    Ice cream cone enjoyment.

    Treating the penis like an ice cream cone makes some men delirious with joy. Running one’s tongue all up, down and around the shaft and glans stimulates the organ in a way which many find impossible to resist.

    Getting cold.

    Sex of any kind produces a certain amount of heat, as all that activity burns up calories. The erect penis is especially hot – and so adding an element of coldness for contrast makes many men go wild.

    The trick is to make it cold but not so cold as to provoke a “run and hide” response from the organ. Perhaps the best way to achieve this is to keep an ice cube or a glass of cold water nearby. The partner should take a sip of water or suck on the ice for a moment, then put the mouth on the penis. It should be just cold enough to provoke a pleasurable reaction without killing the mood.

    A man will be more likely to enjoy better sex in oral terms, whether through humming or other means, if his member looks healthy. Using a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) on a regular basis can help. A crème loaded with Shea butter and vitamin E, two potent hydrators, can help to alleviate dry skin issues and rashes that make a member look less appealing. A crème with vitamin A can also help eliminate unwanted odor that makes oral activity difficult, and one with a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid helps keep penis skin looking young and healthy. And that makes better sex much more likely.


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