• Can Frottage Result in an Itchy Penis?

    Can Frottage Result in an Itchy Penis?


    Clearly, penetrative intercourse is likely one of the most enjoyable sexual actions round, however there may be positively one thing to be mentioned for a bit frottage. Like several type of direct-contact sexual exercise, there are some dangers to penis well being that may be related to frottage – and an itchy penis is one among them. Fortuitously, taking a bit additional care can typically assist maintain the frottaged penis from descending into the realm of the itchy penis.

    What’s frottage?

    If an individual desires to be 100% technically appropriate, frottage refers to any sort of non-penetrative sexual exercise during which the genitals of 1 accomplice are rubbed in opposition to or in any other case stimulated by any physique a part of one other accomplice. Beneath this definition, an individual being masturbated by one other individual (thereby partaking in hand-to-penis stimulation) can be partaking in frottage, as would a person whose penis brushed repeatedly in opposition to a accomplice’s thigh or breasts.

    In apply, nonetheless, frottage is normally reserved for events in which there’s non-penetrative genital-to-genital contact. So if two males rub their penises collectively, or a person rubs his penis in opposition to a lady’s vagina, they might be training frottage.

    Is it secure?

    The query typically arises as as to if or not frottage is taken into account secure intercourse. The reply actually relies upon upon the best way during which secure intercourse is outlined. For instance, it is rather unlikely (although not not possible) to contract HIV via bare-genital frottage. The apply can also be not thought of excessive danger for transmission of STIs like syphilis both. (Though once more, it’s not not possible for such transmission – and utilizing condoms decreases the chance even additional.)

    Nevertheless, there are a selection of STIs which can be extra generally related to frottage. These embrace herpes, warts, scabies and chancroids. (Once more, the usage of condoms can cut back the chance of such infections.)

    The itchy penis query

    There are also extra “benign” points that would consequence from frottage, together with these that may result in an itchy penis situation. Some doable causes might be:

    – Yeast. Rubbing a naked penis in opposition to one other penis with thrush or in opposition to a vagina with a yeast an infection can simply enable the an infection to be handed on to a previously-clean penis.

    – Latex allergy. If one accomplice wears a condom and the opposite doesn’t, the latex might trigger an allergic response if the naked penis is particularly delicate. In some instances, even when the penis doesn’t have an allergy to latex, the condom might merely rub the fragile penis pores and skin the improper means.

    – Contact dermatitis. An itchy penis and accompanying rash can simply develop on a penis that rubs in opposition to one other penis or a vagina that has been uncovered to harsh chemical substances from soaps, detergents, perfumes, and many others. If a steel cock ring is concerned, or if the accomplice penis or vagina incorporates piercings that home steel elements, the penis might react with a “rash” due to the friction brought on by the steel.


    Those that are apprehensive about getting an itchy penis from frottage can take some precautions. Carrying a condom (if one isn’t allergic to it) is at all times a great possibility for minimizing itch. Bathing the accomplice’s genitals with a non-allergenic cleaning soap and water combine may be enjoyable in addition to a great way to take away any potential itch-causing chemical substances. And above all, ask if the accomplice has any points (e.g., an STI, a yeast an infection, and many others.) earlier than partaking in sexual play.

    If frottage does result in an itchy penis for easy dermatological causes, know that utilizing a superior penis well being crème (well being professionals suggest Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically confirmed delicate and secure for pores and skin) will help to alleviate the itchiness. Remember to discover a crème that incorporates a dynamic duo of moisturizers, comparable to a excessive finish emollient (Shea butter is great) and a pure hydrator (easy vitamin E works properly). Properly-moisturized pores and skin is much less liable to itchiness. If the crème incorporates pantothenic acid (additionally referred to as vitamin B5), a lot the higher. Pantothenic acid is utilized in merchandise that combat eczema and different pores and skin rashes, so it may possibly assist lower the necessity to scratch the penis as properly.


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