• Condom Sense: Condoms and the Atmosphere

    Condom Sense:  Condoms and the Atmosphere


    So you might be good sufficient to observe protected intercourse (stopping each being pregnant and STDs) by correctly utilizing a condom. However what do you do with the condom if you find yourself achieved with it? Listed below are some hints on environmentally-friendly condom disposal.

    Firstly, do not flush your condoms, ever! Flushing condoms is just not the best way to cope with them. Condoms can clog the plumbing in your home (or the plumbing wherever you occur to be). This may be an costly and embarrassing state of affairs. If the condom manages to make it via your septic system, it’ll solely find yourself with the strong waste. Which means that someone has to tug it out of the sewage remedy, which is not nice for anyone. The condom may even make it previous the remedy plant. This isn’t good as a result of it implies that it may find yourself within the water provide, and the very last thing we want is extra air pollution in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

    Not all condoms are made equally. Most condoms are manufactured from latex, which implies that they may biodegrade. Latex, nonetheless, doesn’t biodegrade when it’s below water, which is why it isn’t good to flush your used condoms. Condoms aren’t totally manufactured from latex, nonetheless, and the opposite issues on condoms (spermicide, lubricant) may have an effect on the biodegradability. The most suitable choice appears to be to ship them to a landfill and see how they cross the check of time.

    Some condoms, together with all feminine condoms, are manufactured from polyurethane, a sort of plastic. These is not going to biodegrade. There isn’t a choice, nonetheless, besides to place them within the rubbish, as a result of your native recycling depot will not recycle used condoms. They will not even recycle new condoms.

    Different condoms are manufactured from lambskin. These are fully biodegradable condoms. Do not run out and get lambskin condoms simply but although! Lambskin condoms don’t shield in opposition to sexually transmitted ailments. The pores within the lambskin are sufficiently small to cease sperm, and so stop being pregnant, however the pores are massive sufficient to let sexually transmitted ailments and infections via. This selection is just viable for individuals in monogamous relationships who’ve been examined for sexually transmitted ailments. If so, you possibly can contemplate an much more environmentally pleasant barrier type of contraception similar to a diaphragm, cervical cap, or defend. Ask your physician what’s greatest for you.

    No matter what materials of condom you utilize (latex, polyurethane, or lambskin), you’ll have a wrapper to get rid of. These foil wrappers is not going to biodegrade, nor can they be recycled. This merely needs to be put within the rubbish.

    Even when your latex or lambskin condoms are biodegradable, it’s best to not attempt to compost or bury your condoms. Animals will scent the human scent and attempt to dig up what you will have buried. Which means that there will likely be unpleasant used condoms round. Burying your condom is tantamount to littering: and there are higher methods to cope with your condoms accessible.

    So, ultimately, what’s one of the simplest ways to get rid of your condoms? One of the best factor is to wrap it in a bit of bathroom paper or paper towel (or every other biodegradable materials: assume paper bases similar to paper luggage) after which to place it within the rubbish. Do not wrap your condom up in plastic, as then it definitely will not biodegrade. The excellent news is that the semen and vaginal fluid on the condom definitely will biodegrade, and may facilitate the condom biodegrading.

    And lastly, keep in mind…by no means reuse a condom. Though scale back, reuse, and recycle is the motto for environmentalism, it’s good to put your well being first on this one. Do not decrease your condom use, do not reuse your condoms, and it is too dangerous which you could’t but recycle them. To assume on an environmentally broader scale, utilizing condoms is environmentally pleasant as a result of it’s stopping the unfold of communicable ailments. It is usually stopping conception, and kids have been documented to be hugs shoppers of world assets.

    Hopefully quickly we can work out an environmentally pleasant strategy to observe protected intercourse. Till then, we’ll make do with what we will, and we are going to proceed utilizing condoms.


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