• Foot Fetish – Scent of the Sole

    Foot Fetish – Scent of the Sole


    Although there may be that basic foot “odor,” I believe most everybody has their very own, distinctive foot scent. Many foot lovers on the market, like me, are sensible foot funk connoisseurs, pirates on the ocean of foot pleasure, in search of to smell out the booty of foot stink everywhere in the globe. Some foot stench is refined and a few is outright eye-watering; both manner, it positive paints a silly grin on my face. My final fantasy is a lady coming dwelling from the health club, sporting her standard health club sneakers and socks that she’s worn – and subsequently sweated in – for years. She’d slip off her dank and soiled sneakers, sit down on the couch to look at somewhat TV, and pressure me to be her human footstool. She may smother my face in her smelly toes. I’d immerse myself in her sweaty, smelly aroma for hours, respiration it in deep and later stroll away with that lingering, damp perfume on my pores and skin.

    My expertise in podiatric treats ranges extensively. I’ve purchased socks, sneakers, toenail clippings, and even ped-egg shavings from ladies on-line. I’ve undergone quite a few reside foot worshiping classes, which included all the things from a light-weight foot therapeutic massage to hardcore foot gagging. I like it all. Sure, I am an authorized foot freak and although the location of toes alone is sufficient to get me going, it is the scent, that pretty tacky bouquet of foot funk that I actually adore. I generally dream of working at a shoe store. I may placed on and take off sneakers for girls all day lengthy. I would be in an odiferous nirvana, sneaking to the again room to smell my fingers that’d simply brushed up in opposition to a big and perspiring foot. However, I am fairly positive I would get fired and so, I’ve by no means tried to satisfy that fantasy.

    One factor I really like about foot worship is the ability the feminine senses throughout the expertise. A girl together with her toes in my face is extra convincing than a robber with a gun in my face. Present me your tootsies and I am all yours, doll. Females could really feel smug in having a lot affect and authority over me throughout a foot worship session however, I am thrilled by it. I was ashamed or embarrassed by my love for soles however, a sure feminine dom helped me to recover from my disgrace and now I willingly take pleasure in my freakiness for toes. And why should not I? Life is brief, proper? So what if the musty, vinegar tang of a feminine’s lovely toes excite me? I want everybody could possibly be cool and open about their fetishes, though the world is perhaps a really completely different place!

    I’ve immersed myself a lot into the foot fetish scene that I’ve virtually forgotten that there are folks on the market who’re unaware of such a factor. This ignorance permits me to get a pair sneaky foot peaks, say, on the bus. Summertime, flip flops, pedicures, oh my! I may lengthily admire from afar a recent French pedicure and the harmless gal on the bus would most likely assume I used to be merely drained, zoning out, misplaced in thought after an extended day at work. Little does she know I am imaging popping every one in every of her dainty toes into my keen mouth! For these ladies eager sufficient to pinpoint and exploit my foot fetish, extra energy to them.

    I’ve divulged my fantasies, unveiled my adoration for all issues toes. Foot worship ranges extensively from tickling to licking, from sucking to fucking, and from sniffing to rubbing. And now, for all of the foot lovers on the market, I would be curious for others to share their freakiest foot fantasies. What’s your favourite foot funk forte?


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