• Great Oral Sex Techniques to Give Her Body Shaking Orgasms That Go On and On

    Great Oral Sex Techniques to Give Her Body Shaking Orgasms That Go On and On


    There are many sexual techniques that can take a woman to deep, body shaking orgasms that will leave her begging for more.

    Once you take her to these orgasmic experiences, you will find that you will get lots of sex.

    Men Take Note – You Will Be Totally Sexually Satisfied.

    However, one needs to learn many methods to give orgasms, because depending on just one method will become boring and less effective in time.

    The following method is pretty special and just about any guy will not have tried this technique on their lover.

    My Great Oral Sex Technique To Give Her Body Shaking Orgasms

    For this method you will need a mentholated cough drop handy by the bed.

    First warm up your lover with lots of flowing foreplay massage strokes all over her body. Take time to kiss her breasts, mouth, stomach and inner thighs. The toes and fingers can be a hot zone too. Many men do not take enough attention in foreplay to really allow a woman to get into her pleasure and to desire sex.

    During foreplay, place the cough lolly in your mouth and let it dissolve somewhat.

    Now with the cough drops fluid on the tip of your tongue, massage her vagina lips and clitoris with your tongue.

    Soon she will feel the menthol sensations entering her body adding to her pleasure. One can add to this by gently blowing on the clitoris. Do not blow into the vulva as this can be dangerous.

    Treat this great oral sex technique as something special, so do not do this every time you do oral.


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