• How to Have Sex – Forbidden Sex Techniques

    How to Have Sex – Forbidden Sex Techniques


    You may wonder why I call these forbidden sex techniques and what it has to do with how to have sex right. Well, that’s because knowing them gives you sexual power beyond your imagination… yet almost nobody knows them. That’s still shocking to me and I cannot find a reason for that other than that these sex techniques must be forbidden or someone seriously doesn’t want us to find out how to have great sex.

    Is this situation fair for ordinary guys who typically don’t have a clue about how to have sex correctly and what’s actually possible? From this day on — yes, because in this article I am going to reveal some of the life changing underground sex tips what I have found during my several year researches and nobody will be able to stop you from searching for further information and becoming a guy that women worship and brag about. Here are few of my promised pure gold sexual techniques for better sex:

    Ultimate oral sex technique

    What I have found is that many books are teaching you all these different oral sex techniques, but they seem to forget that every woman is different when it comes to making love and what feels terrific to one feels terrible to another. If we could just know what every one of them wants… Actually we can easily find that out. How do we do that? By placing one or two fingers in her vagina and trying all the different oral sex techniques we can think of. When we stumble upon the right one, she will let us know by slightly contracting her vagina. All we have to do after that is to keep steady rhythm and pressure until she has an orgasm. You can also use this observation technique in other lovemaking situations — just look for various signs whether she likes what you are doing.

    What is a Deep Spot and why it is so powerful?

    It is very interesting how many people who seem to know everything about how to have sex have no clue what the deep spot is and that stimulating it is by far the easiest way to trigger a vaginal orgasm. The deep spot is also known as Epicenter, A spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous (AFE) zone. It is smooth area about 3.5 to 4 inches deep inside the vagina near the cervix. You can stimulate it with your middle finger — slide it in her vagina along the front wall as deep as possible (use lube and press your hand hard against her) until you feel the texture change. Then massage the deep spot by curling your fingertip in a “come here” way and by pressing hard with a tip of your finger against the smooth area on the front wall of her vagina. Find the right speed and pressure by observing her reactions and don’t back off or change it until she orgasms. After you teach her to have deep spot orgasms from your finger, you can also trigger vaginal orgasms by massaging her deep spot with your penis during intercourse.

    The most powerful lovemaking secret of all

    What is the most sensitive female erogenous zone? Yes, it’s the brain. Many men have no idea of how powerful female mind actually is. It controls everything. You can literally teach her to be able to come just from your voice without any physical stimulation whatsoever. If you don’t make her feel the right emotions, nothing will work. And I mean nothing, even the best sex techniques in the world. A woman must feel safe with you, trust you, desire you and most importantly respect you. You have to be confident and trustworthy. You must lead her. You must not chicken out. You must be a Man.

    How to make the best possible use of this information?

    Why don’t you try this — when you go home, tell your wife/girlfriend that you want to make a deal of not having sex tonight. The rule is whatever happens you may not have sex. Then tease her all evening and make her want you badly, but don’t let her have you. When you see she is ready, blindfold her and start whispering in her ear in detail what you would do, if you both were allowed to have sex. When she cannot take it any more, go down on her using the oral sex technique I mentioned above and then massage her deep spot with your middle finger. If you do it right, she should be very lucky lady after this.

    I just scratched the surface of how to start making a woman addicted to you.


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