• How to make Oral Sex

    How to make Oral Sex

    Oral sex isn’t just any ordinary sexual encounter, and should only take place after careful consideration. Some might even go ahead and suggest you save your love and romance until marriage but oral sex actually happens before marriage. Oral sex is another great way to spice up an otherwise simple relationship!

    It stimulates your entire body—including the sensitive areas around your anal cavity. It also relaxes tight muscles between the anus and vagina, allowing more intense sensations during intercourse. Plus, it creates pleasurable feelings in both partner’s mouths. Since everyone likes to give oral pleasures, there’s no danger that you’ll lose interest in pleasing each other later if you start now.

    What is Oral Sex?

    Oral sex is a sex act in which one person’s mouth is involved, either alone or with the aid of sexual aids (such as a dildo, a vibrator or other sex toy).

    Oral sex is one of the sexiest ways to have a sexual activity. It is not only a way to have sex but also a way to express the emotions and affection.

    The mouth is not a hole for the penis, it is a place of power and a place of pleasure for the penis. This is a part of the sexual intercourse, where a man is given pleasure by a woman. To make oral sex, you need to be prepared.

    As per the book called Blowjob Lessons, the penis has a number of nerves that allow pleasure during oral sex. It is also said that the male genitals contain the same nerve endings as the female genitals. This means that there is a lot of pleasure in giving oral sex to a partner. A man can also ejaculate during oral sex.

    A lot of women enjoy making oral sex. This is not a common sexual activity, but is it still a taboo? No. There are many couples who make this activity a part of their sexual experience. There are many ways to make oral sex. You can use your fingers, a sex toy, a penis, a dildo, etc. This is a very pleasurable activity that everyone with a partner can enjoy. The most important thing is that the partner should enjoy the activity.

    How to make oral sex to a girl

    1. Start off by putting your head down between her legs. Her butt should be facing towards you. This helps you to get better access to her vagina.
    2. Put both your hands on her hips and slowly start moving them back and forth rubbing your fingers over her upper thighs. You can use this movement to help guide you while giving oral sex. At first, you will need practice but once you have gotten used to her body, the technique is fairly easy.
    3. When she has begun to pant from excitement, place your tongue inside her vagina and begin licking and sucking gently. Don’t force anything. Just take things slow at first until she becomes familiar with your mouth.
    4. Once she begins to show signs that she likes what you are doing, try thrusting your tongue deeper into her vagina.
    5. If she wants more, then reach under her shirt and grab her breasts. Continue to lick and suck her clitoris and nipples.
    6. Now that you know how to perform oral sex, move onto other positions. Try sitting on top of her if you want to go faster or kneeling up on the bed if you want to give her a standing 69.

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