• How to Please a Man – Oral Sex Tips That Will Make His Toes Curl

    How to Please a Man – Oral Sex Tips That Will Make His Toes Curl


    If you want to be the greatest in bed that your man has ever had, then you must learn how to give him great oral sex. Men agree that there is no greater stimulation than oral sex and nothing feels quite as good. So if you want to know how to please a man, then you need to learn some oral sex tips that will make his toes curl.

    First of all, you need to tease him a little to get him in the mood. The more foreplay you use on your man, the easier your job becomes. The more aroused he is, then the less stimulation you need to give to him because he will already be feeling pleasure. Men are always complaining about how much they hate a tease, but men actually love it. Men love it when a woman takes control and when she teases him. The only thing that you need to remember is that if you are going to tease him, then you need to follow it up with pleasing him.

    The greatest thing that you can do during oral sex is use a tight grip on his shaft with your hand. Although you do want to give him wet stimulation with your mouth on the tip, what will really send him over the edge is feeling a tight grip on the shaft. Men love to be manhandled so don’t be afraid to use a little pressure on him. He will love it.

    Another oral sex tip that will blow his mind and curl his toes is to let him watch. Too often, men aren’t able to see what is happening to them during fellatio. Of course they can feel it and it feels good, but they just can’t see what is happening. Men are very visual creatures and they need to have that stimulation to contribute to their orgasm. Position yourself so your man can watch what you are doing to him. You can also give him fellatio in front of a mirror so he cannot only feel what you are doing but so he can see it too. Guaranteed he isn’t going to be able to hold onto his orgasm with the mirror trick.

    The last way to blow his mind during oral sex and totally please him to his fullest potential is to swallow the ejaculate. Spitting after oral sex is offensive to men. Even if you gave him the greatest pleasure that he has ever felt in his entire life, you are going to ruin it by heading to the bathroom and spitting it out. Be brave and turn him on by swallowing. He is going to love it and it is a great turn on for him and the perfect way to end the perfect oral sex experience.


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