• Jelqing With a Condom – Why it’s Necessary

    Jelqing With a Condom – Why it’s Necessary


    A lot of materials has been written on jelqing. An necessary side of jelqing appears to have gone amiss, and that’s the significance of utilizing a condom in the course of the course of.

    Jelqing is the act of encouraging the cavities within the penis to enlarge their capability in order that they’ll maintain extra blood and extra blood strain. The extra these cavities will be enlarged, the bigger the penis can develop. The strategies for primary jelqing are fairly easy. Merely make the most of the arms (in some circumstances some folks use units) to “milk” the blood into the penile cavities.

    Utilizing a condom is necessary in jelqing for 2 causes:

    1) The exhausting friction utilized throughout jelqing desensitizes the penis. Particularly the penile head. What good is it to have a big penis in case you have decreased feeling and sensation? That is particularly necessary with males who’re circumcised, as the bulk have already got decreased sensitivity. Utilizing a condom will assist with desensitization of the penis. Since condoms are additionally extra easy in nature than pores and skin, jelqing (lube is at all times required) with a condom can also be simpler to carry out.

    2) A condom will increase the resistance of the outlying constructions. This elevated resistance implies that you must work tougher to get blood strain into these cavities whereas jelqing. It is just like the distinction between driving a bicycle downhill or driving a bicycle uphill. You’ll construct extra muscle tissue driving a bicycle uphill, as there’s extra resistance (towards gravity) than driving downhill (with gravity).

    At first, a condom that’s not too tight is beneficial. With time and expertise, tighter-fitting condoms will be utilized.

    As with all enlargement program, a conservative method is greatest. All the time seek the advice of together with your health-care supplier earlier than performing such enlargement strategies.


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