• Love and Burgers: Appropriate or Incompatible Relationship?

    Love and Burgers: Appropriate or Incompatible Relationship?


    Burgers — hamburgers, fish burgers, turkey burgers, buffalo burgers and burgers of every kind are a staple of the omnivorous food plan. Individuals eat untold numbers of burgers daily in international locations all over the world. But, is there any thought given to the consumption of burgers, these derived from the loss of life, really homicide, of dwelling beings? Since untold numbers of burgers are eaten daily on this world, what number of animals, fish and fowl need to be slaughtered to fulfill the appetites of those that crave burgers?

    And what about love in relation to burgers? Is there ever any thought given by burger eaters to the homicide of the animals they devour? Frankly, it’s unimaginable to speak of affection, not to mention be loving, after which have a hamburger, fish burger, turkey burger or any type of flesh-begotten meat.

    Tukaram, the Saint of Maharashtra, lived within the seventeenth Century. He queries, The Lord dwells inside each being. Does man not know that He resides in animals too?

    Tukaram’s query is a legitimate one, particularly for individuals who align themselves with religious values, values intrinsically rooted in love and compassion. God is life. Human beings aren’t the one beings to whom God offers life or love. This begs the query, “If we love, how can we kill?”

    George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature 1925, superbly states:

    Animals are my associates…and I do not eat my associates. This assertion is totally expressed in his poem, “We Are the Dwelling Graves of Murdered Beasts.”

    We’re the dwelling graves of murdered beasts

    Slaughtered to fulfill our appetites.

    We by no means pause to marvel at our feasts

    If animals, like males, can presumably have rights.

    We pray on Sundays that we could have mild

    To information our footsteps on the trail we tread.

    We’re sick of struggle. We don’t wish to battle.

    The considered it now fills our hearts with dread,

    And but we gorge ourselves upon the lifeless.

    Like carrion crows we dwell and feed on meat

    Whatever the struggling and ache

    We trigger by doing so. If thus we deal with

    Defenseless animals for sport or achieve

    How can we hope on this world to realize

    the peace we are saying we’re so anxious for.

    We pray for it o’er hecatombs of slain

    To God, whereas outraging the ethical legislation.

    Thus cruelty begets its offspring, struggle.

    Grim thought is not it, this remark from Shaw? Killing and consuming our associates? Not a reasonably thought, not to mention a lovely sight or commendable habits. We pray for peace however have interaction within the slaughter of helpless creatures only for the sake of consuming their rotting, decaying carcass. In doing so, we assure, by way of the legislation of sowing and reaping, trigger and impact, karma, that we’ll expertise the cruelty of struggle, a simply recompense for our personal cruelty.

    Twentieth Century Saint, Charan Singh, asks, The place is the necessity of killing birds, fish and animals and making our physique a graveyard? The human physique, wherein the Lord resides and which is the one specie wherein He may be realized, needs to be saved as pure and clear as attainable… Animals, birds and so forth haven’t been created as meals for human beings… Crops have souls, bugs have souls, birds have souls, the animals have souls and, after all, human beings have souls.

    Charan Singh’s remark eradicates the delusional perception that animals, birds, fish and different creatures haven’t any souls and subsequently are acceptable to eat. Thus, we can not use the excuse that different dwelling beings are devoid of a soul merely to justify our murdering and consuming them.


    Are love and burgers appropriate? This text states, “Completely not!” If we’re loving people, if we profess to like and observe a religious path, it’s axiomatic that we merely can not speak of affection or be loving after which go have a hamburger, fish burger, turkey burger or no matter. No matter how one tries to disguise it, there isn’t a love in homicide or in consuming the slaughtered stays of dwelling creatures. We are able to attempt to justify our actions till we’re blue within the face and on our loss of life mattress, however the plain and easy actuality is that love doesn’t, nor ever can have, something to do with consuming the flesh of dwelling beings.


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