• Masturbation RUINS Muscle Progress? (REAL TRUTH!)

    Masturbation RUINS Muscle Progress? (REAL TRUTH!)


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    Masturbation And Bodybuilding: is there a connection? Does masturbation have an effect on muscle progress? Does masturbation decrease testosterone? This can be a frequent concern amongst many lifters and is one purpose why many go the “No Fap” route. They imagine that this may help them improve testosterone naturally and thus construct muscle quicker as effectively. However is there any actual fact to this? In right this moment’s video I’m going over the masturbation and testosterone research which might be obtainable to find out if that is one thing you could be worrying about. In case you’ve been asking “is masturbation unhealthy for my good points” or whether or not masturbating earlier than a exercise is dangerous, be sure that to look at this video by and likewise remark with your individual expertise as effectively.

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