• Penis Well being and Frottage: What Are the Dangers?

    Penis Well being and Frottage: What Are the Dangers?


    Frottage, or the rubbing of 1’s genitals in opposition to these of one other individual (or in opposition to one other physique half), is a well-liked sexual exercise, particularly amongst youth. One of many sights of frottage is that males assume it comes with no likelihood of penis well being points. Nonetheless, that’s not precisely the case, and people for whom acceptable penis care is a priority ought to be taught a bit extra about what dangers are concerned when partaking in frottage.

    What’s it once more?

    Technically, frottage is any type of exercise by which the genitals of 1 individual are stimulated by means of contact with a physique a part of one other individual (or individuals). A person with a foot fetish, for instance, might be thought-about to be training frottage if he had been to rub his penis in opposition to a associate’s foot for sexual pleasure. Whereas frottage normally brings to thoughts bare genitalia, a pair can frot whereas clothed; thus, “dry humping,” or the rubbing collectively of genitals whereas clothed, might be considered a type of frottage.

    For the aim of this text, nonetheless, frottage shall be thought-about as particularly the rubbing collectively of two (or extra) units of bare genitalia. It may contain both blended gender companions or identical intercourse companions.

    Frottage is a well-liked exercise amongst younger companions who haven’t but misplaced their virginity, in addition to amongst grownup homosexual males; nonetheless, grownup heterosexual companions additionally delight within the apply.

    Well being dangers

    When contemplating the well being dangers related to frottage, it is necessary to notice that this dialogue considerations solely intercourse acts by which there isn’t any penetrative intercourse along with the frottage. Practising unprotected oral intercourse or vaginal or anal intercourse provides in a layer of extra danger that will not be thought-about right here however which all accountable sexual companions want to contemplate.

    Frottage is without doubt one of the “safer intercourse” actions, however transmission of well being points is definitely potential. In spite of everything, when organ pores and skin is rubbing in opposition to organ pores and skin, and when penile and vaginal fluids are being secreted in the course of the exercise, there’s at all times a risk for spreading situations from one contaminated individual to a non-infected individual.

    The next are a few of the well being points that may happen from naked pores and skin frottage:

    – Pubic lice and scabies. These irritating parasites are straightforward to catch from direct skin-to-skin contact. Neither is taken into account a critical situation, however the itching and discomfort they’ll trigger, in addition to the embarrassment they engender, could be a important hassle.

    – Genital herpes. Probably the most frequent sexually transmitted infections, genital herpes can be one of many hardiest. The recurrence fee of the bumps may be very excessive, so avoiding contracting it within the first place is advisable.

    – HPV and genital warts. The human papillomavirus (HPV) and the potential ensuing genital warts are more likely to happen because of penetrative intercourse, however there’s some danger from frottage’s direct skin-to-skin contact. Many might decide to be vaccinated for prevention of HPV.

    – Chancroid. An contaminated particular person with sores can simply unfold this painful bacterial an infection.

    – HIV. The possibilities of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission by means of frottage are very, very low; nonetheless, if blood or genital fluids of an contaminated particular person enter an open wound, it’s potential.

    Being conscious of the dangers and realizing the sexual historical past of 1’s associate will help stop the unfold of those points throughout frottage, as can utilizing a type of barrier safety.

    There are additionally extra frequent penis well being points that may happen throughout frottage, corresponding to passing on a rash or incurring a slight dermatological situation that causes itchiness and soreness. Together with a top-notch penis well being crème (well being professionals suggest Man1 Man Oil) in a person’s routine will help with these. A crème containing a high-end emollient like Shea butter is a good useful resource in opposition to dry, flaky pores and skin. Additionally good: a crème with vitamin A, which has potent antibacterial properties that may add a powerful factor of safety for basic penis well being.


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