• Silk, Satin and Sensuality

    Silk, Satin and Sensuality


    No materials have a extra sensual affiliation than silks and satins. These luxurious supplies are extensively appreciated stimulators of male hormones and linked to a myriad of fetishes and fantasies, particularly when manifested in girls’s brassieres and panties. But, this erotic mixture is a comparatively latest phenomenon. Though silk was found 5,000 years in the past, and satin has been produced for a few thousand years, girls have been sporting panties for lower than 200 years and the brassiere was invented solely simply over a century in the past.

    Some males expertise sexual pleasure simply from the look or really feel of articles fabricated from silk or satin. Whereas this curiosity is often directed in the direction of the individual sporting the glamourous garment, the stimulation is enhanced by the garment itself, or by the look or really feel of the fabric. The attraction will be to the bodily properties of the material, reminiscent of softness, smoothness and shine, in addition to to its affiliation with class, glamour, and romance. Essentially the most erotic supplies are thought-about to be charmeuse silk and satins. Charmeuse silk has a satin sheen – lustrous and reflective – on one floor solely, the opposite facet being comfortable and boring, whereas satin has its sheen on each surfaces. Satins are additionally fabricated from fibres apart from silk, reminiscent of polyester and nylon, however some definitions insist that true satin is made solely from silk.

    Though, little question, by the ages upper-class girls have been admired of their silk and satin outer clothes it’s only in comparatively latest occasions that the sporting of undergarments has introduced these luxurious materials into extra intimate contact with the pores and skin. Girls needed to wait till the early nineteenth century earlier than the sporting of panties (knickers) grew to become widespread, and for a few years they have been made solely of wool and flannel. In Victorian occasions they have been definitely not meant to be seen in public however by the late 1860s silk was reported to have joined flannel as a fabric of selection for knickers.

    Girls needed to wait even longer for the pleasure of sporting a silk brassiere. There was even a time within the fourteenth century in France, when girls have been suppressed by a regulation stating that ‘no lady will assist the bust’. By the late nineteenth century, nonetheless, issues had modified, and a French corset-maker, Herminie Cadolle, invented the ‘Bien-être’ which implies ‘Effectively-Being’. For the primary time, breasts have been supported from above as an alternative of being pushed upwards by a stiff corset. Sixteen years later, Marie Tucek invented the ‘Breast Supporter’ and patented it in New York in 1914. Appropriately given a French identify, brassiere (higher arm), it integrated the fashionable options of separate cups, hook fastenings and shoulder straps.

    By the 19 twenties, girls might benefit from the consolation and glamour of recent underwear and males might enter upon an thrilling new part of erotic fantasy. However within the 5 thousand years’ historical past of silk, this was simply the newest in an extended sequence of evolutionary levels by which it has enhanced the wonder and attract of numerous generations of ladies.


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