• The Seven Dimensions of Love

    The Seven Dimensions of Love


    Love is probably the most stunning actuality of this world. It pervades the world like God. It’s most troublesome to “outline” love however the best to “know”. All of us know what love is. Even an animal know what love is. Love is, subsequently, the matter of realization and the data of the love is data of the universe. St. Kabir, the well-known Sufi poet mentioned,

    Many individuals died Studying Scriptures,

    But they did not change into sensible,

    One who understood the which means of “Love”,

    Is the Solely man to be Smart.

    Love is, subsequently, not merely an emotion but additionally probably the most profound data {that a} man can anticipate to know. As soon as we all know love, nothing else is left unknown. But there may be nothing mysterious or advanced about love as even probably the most harmless particular person “is aware of” it with out studying a single ebook.

    The data of affection requires not solely the appliance of thoughts but additionally the guts, the soul and the instinct.

    The complexity of affection is because of the truth that love has a number of dimensions. It is sort of a dwelling being consisting of many physique components. These limbs are interconnected with one another in such a means that they complement one another. All of them are essential and integral a part of the being as an individual turns into lame even when one a part of the physique goes lacking.


    Love is manifested in seven totally different types. It is sort of a white beam of sunshine which hides in it the spectrum of seven colours. If even shade is one is lacking, love is incomplete. These seven dimensions are described as following.

    1. Love is Sensual

    Essentially the most major dimension of affection is the physique which ends up in the satisfaction of senses. You can’t love somebody who can’t be seen or imagined. Sensual love is so essential in love that usually individuals use the phrase “love” interchangeably with “lust” which seeks sexual gratification. Although, lust has been believed by many because the lowest manifestation of affection, but the sensuality has been a obligatory ingredient in love. For instance, Sufis developed their love for God by the technique of sensuality. They imagined God as male (or feminine) and themselves as their beloved. The foundation of Idolatry too lies within the want of the person to develop an emotional and sensual attachment with God. The religions that ignored the bodily dimensions of affection, typically made their followers heartless and ruthless. The individuals who ignored the bodily dimension of affection typically fail to seek out love in any respect of their life.

    2. Love is Compassion

    Aristotle mentioned “Love consists of a single soul inhabiting two our bodies.” It’s maybe the best definition of affection. When an individual loves one other particular person, he shares the pains and happiness of the particular person as in the event that they share the identical soul. That is known as compassion which is outlined as “a deep consciousness of and sympathy for one more’s struggling”. A mom who loves he youngster can’t bear the ache of her youngster and even give her personal life, if that’s useful in decreasing the ache of her youngster. Usually individuals really feel possessive about their love as they need to keep away from any ache to their liked one.

    3. Love is Care

    Love is just not merely an emotion that joins the individuals. If you love an individual, you do all the things to make the the one that you love joyful as in her happiness lies your happiness. The excellence of our bodies disappear for the individuals in love. Love with out motion has no which means as illustrated on this stunning poem “Which Cherished Greatest?” by Pleasure Allison.

    “I really like you. Mom,” mentioned little John;

    Then, forgetting his work, his cap went on,

    And he was off to the backyard swing,

    And left her the water and wooden to convey.

    “I really like you Mom,” mentioned Rosy Nell-

    “I really like you higher than tongues can inform”;

    Then she teased and pouted full half the day,

    Until her mom rejoiced when she went to play.

    “I really like you Mom,” mentioned little Fan;

    “Immediately I will enable you to all I can;

    How glad I’m that faculty does not preserve!”

    So she rocked the babe until it fell asleep.

    Then, stepping softly, she fetched the broom,

    And swept the ground and tidied the room;

    Busy and joyful all day was she,

    Useful and joyful as youngster could possibly be.

    “I really like you Mom,” once more they mentioned,

    Three little youngsters going to mattress;

    How do you assume that mom guessed?

    Which one in all them actually liked her finest?

    If love doesn’t result in optimistic motion of caring, it might probably’t be love. It is because of this that every one faith requested the followers to do charitable work for the advantage of the poor as solely by optimistic motion God will be happy and like to God is manifested.

    4. Love is Sharing

    Love is just not merely the sharing of the soul but additionally the sharing of the worldly issues. A household is a typical unit of affection the place everybody shares all the things with others. They share the home, their belongings, their furnishings and all the things that’s there in the home. Every part belongs to everybody within the household. The excellence of mine versus them disappears for the individuals in love. In case you are not prepared to share your Most worthy factor to the one that you love, you absolutely don’t love that particular person. A person who loves God at all times considers all the things belonging to God. Therefore he would haven’t any attachment with any of the fabric items. He, subsequently, haven’t any hesitation in giving his items to others. One who accumulates wealth or stay connected with the wealth can’t love. Equally, one who doesn’t want to share his wealth with the individuals whom he loves doesn’t love in actuality.

    5. Love is Belief

    Belief is a very powerful in love. How are you going to mistrust an individual who shares your individual soul? When belief is lacking, love can’t endure. If you love, you place your full belief of religion in your believed. With out belief love is just not attainable as belief is the check of affection. It’s straightforward to say that you just love somebody or to say that you’re like two our bodies and one soul. But it isn’t straightforward to pose full belief in the one that you love. When a person loves God, he poses full belief in God which is known as religion. If you love your youngster, you belief him fully. The significance of belief in love is alleged fantastically within the poem “Belief” by Malcolm Coleman

    Fragile as a lily,

    it cements relationships.

    With out it there will be no which means

    to the phrases, “I Love You”,

    with out all of it issues fail,

    and happiness is eroded.

    Because the timber in autumn

    lose their leaves,

    so I lose life

    if trusted I’m not.

    I should be trusted,

    for belief builds hope, and love.

    Belief brings to all issues

    a wholeness that’s elegant,

    and which can’t be defined.

    My full soul screams with concern

    if I’m not believed.

    If I’m not trusted,

    what can I do?

    6. Love is Reverence

    The fabric world has created hierarchies as each materials factor has a starting and an finish and all the things is measurable. Therefore all the things is larger or smaller than different in some measurable criterion. Nevertheless, soul is everlasting and has no starting or finish. We regularly respect the individuals who or older or extra educated than us on the planet. But all males are spiritually similar as everybody has the identical soul. But every soul is manifested on this world as a unique being. Since everybody has been designed for a distinction function, therefore everyone seems to be superior to others in some respect. A younger youngster is superior to grownup in some ways. Jesus taught,

    “Until you’re transformed and change into as little youngsters, you’ll under no circumstances enter the dominion of heaven” (Matthew 18:3).

    Thus while you love an individual, you additionally respect her or him for what she or he is. In India when two individuals meet, they greet one another by calling folding their hand and calling the phrase “Namaste”. The phrase Namaste consists of two Sanskrit phrases – namah + te – which means ” I bow to that (divinity or soul) inherent in you.”

    In case you love your youngster, you respect him as an individual for what he’s as you see many good qualities within the youngster which should be revered. If you don’t respect one other particular person it easy implies that you don’t contemplate that particular person higher than you the least bit. How are you going to love such an individual who’s inferior to you in each respect?

    The reverence within the highest type takes the type of worship. Folks, who love God, subsequently worship God as they contemplate God to be the best type of the Soul who’s Supreme in all respect.

    7. Love is Friendship

    When the souls of the lovers are one, how can their minds be totally different? The sharing of thoughts or thought is known as friendship. Aristotle mentioned,

    “With out buddies nobody would select to dwell, although he had all different items.”

    Friendship is one other essential dimension of affection. Similar to one can depend on buddies within the hour of want, similar is true with love. Love is just not sustainable with out the assembly of thoughts. Even a non secular particular person, who loves God, really develops a kind of friendship with God. He can talk with God and perceive His ideas. A person in love along with his beloved is aware of her ideas effortlessly. In case you love your youngster, you’re additionally his or her finest pal. If you speak to a baby, you mechanically use his language, fashion and language to speak. You play with him like a baby. Friendship transforms you from an grownup to a baby. The kids who love their dad and mom are by no means awed by their greatness or meanness as they discover them on the similar stage as themselves. Thus friendship is at all times current between individuals who love.

    What’s Love with out All of the Dimensions

    Most individuals make mistake of their understanding of affection. A person and girl might imagine that love is nothing however bodily attraction. But such love doesn’t maintain except it’s full with its total dimension. Subsequently, the love based mostly on mere bodily attraction doesn’t final lengthy except it’s crammed with compassion, respect, belief, caring, sharing and friendship. Like to God is not any exception. God can’t be discovered merely by praying or following the rituals. One has to even have compassion with God and develop friendship with Him by realizing His thoughts. A lover of God should care and share His creations by doing charities and doing good for different individuals on the planet who’re all youngsters of God. Love is subsequently, rightly described as the best data of the world as it’s the means in addition to the top of all the things that one need to be taught, really feel and know.


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