• The Stomach Dance Taboo – An Erotic Fantasy, a Patriarchy Sufferer or a Feminist Victory?

    The Stomach Dance Taboo – An Erotic Fantasy, a Patriarchy Sufferer or a Feminist Victory?


    “Ye to sirf prostitues karti hain”

    (It is a dance carried out solely by prostitutes)

    I used to be dumbfounded one morning when my boss made that scathing assertion whereas we have been discussing how we spend our weekends pursuing our passions. He additional went on to share some unsolicited recommendation on how I ought to “Do it solely infront of my husband or boyfriend.”

    I used to be infuriated by this crude ridicule of the integrity of the artwork I like and my soul felt agitated. I might have made a snide comment about his caveman mindedness if, at that instantaneous, the demure woman in me wasn’t compelled to rethink the selection made a yr again.

    I reminisced. I had, with nice enthusiasm, consciously chosen to study stomach dancing as a method to discover and specific my femininity. Initially I used to be skeptical about taking part in an expertise that’s assumed to be sexually exploitative however was instantly struck with contradiction. For the primary time I appreciated my physique for what it was capable of accomplish bodily and aesthetically.

    It felt so good. The doubt transpired. It transfigured into an urge to unfold consciousness concerning the artwork type and deal with the stigma connected to it.

    ‘Stomach Dance’ is a well-liked improvised model of Raqs Sharqi, a dance type originated within the Center East that includes undulating and serpentine actions of the torso. Extremely acknowledged by the picture of a voluptuous girl in a sequined costume and naked midriff performing such actions.

    It originated as an artwork type handed on from a mom to her daughter to organize the womb for baby start and was usually carried out at social gatherings.

    Then how come alongside the best way an artwork with such sacred origins got here to be generally known as disreputable, one thing no correct girls would indulge into and it was shameful for males to observe as effectively.


    “Stomach dance exists at some extent of battle between girls’s expressions of elementary truths, and patriarchal interpretations of this expression. It’s not a straightforward place to be”, Andrea deagon phrases it effectively. It’s these factors of conflicts from which we will alter realities.

    Whereas for ladies the dance was a method to specific feelings and a inventive outlet to reconnect with their sensual selves which is an intrinsic side of human state.

    The patriarchal period considered girls as a doubtlessly disruptive drive and their sexuality thought-about harmful, as a result of assumption that males are unable to withstand their highly effective lure.

    The merciless patriarchal norms thus gave rise to a stereotype of stomach dancers as sexually accessible, morally questionable, unique unveiled dancer, an antithesis to restrained Muslim womanhood.

    Furthermore, when the west began to colonize Center East, it connected the component of unique to it. Failing to grasp the motion vocabulary they wrongly perceived it as one thing sensual and irrational. It was quickly shunned as a dance that arouses carnal wishes in males.

    As a result of males can not management themselves in opposition to girls’s attract, they put the accountability on girls as a substitute. Are there some other the explanation why it will be so intrinsically mistaken for ladies to specific their sensuality in public?

    I might say stomach dance is transgressive as a result of it destabilizes social assumptions that ladies mustn’t (publicly) shake, or draw consideration to their breasts, hips, abdomens, and particularly their pelvises.

    At the moment, girls all over the world are taking it up and also you ask them why?

    To transcend the snug into what stretches, challenges and revitalizes the thoughts. It helps them to faucet into their physicality, reconcile with their physique, really feel liberated and foster a spirit of sisterhood.

    It’s unhappy that such an expressive dance type stays so misunderstood by a majority of the society and due to my unabashed love for it I can solely hope the world quickly involves embrace it.


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