• Why Last Long During Sex When My Girlfriend Doesn’t Care?

    Why Last Long During Sex When My Girlfriend Doesn’t Care?


    Some guys will take quite a unique attitude when it comes to premature ejaculation. The attitude usually goes something like this:

    Why should I last long during sex when my girlfriend doesn’t even care? I mean she never complains about it and I always stimulate her in other ways anyway. Plus she prefers oral sex over regular sex. I can give her oral sex, and then have regular sex and not have to worry about if I last long during sex. I think it’s better this way since I don’t have to struggle to last and can just ejaculate after a minute or so.

    This is an interesting take in rationalizing premature ejaculation. It even sounds like it might make sense, right? I mean it appears as his partner is enjoying sex. It’s not like he is ignoring her needs, and matter of fact it seems like he is providing her with her desired pleasures. And of course he is getting off himself in a timely one or two minute fashion. Everything seems fine, right?


    There are many things wrong with the above statement. Let’s go through why this is simply the lazy man’s excuse for living with premature ejaculation and not taking actions to find solutions.

    1. First of all, his girlfriend likely isn’t complaining for the typical reasons. She may not want to bring up the issue due to embarrassment. Many women don’t want to “rock the boat” with this issue so they remain silent.
    2. Many women have actually never experienced earth shattering orgasms (or true orgasms at all) through standard sex! This is very common and the reason why? You guessed it. The man’s inability to last long during sex. This may very likely be the case here. I guarantee if this woman could experience the kind of long lasting sex that results in earth shattering orgasms, she would in fact speak up and say, “look dude, you need to teach yourself to last long during sex pronto!”
    3. You (the boyfriend) are actually having low level sex and you don’t even know it. Ejaculating after only a minute or two is not experiencing true sexual excitement. For many guys that’s actually considered a subpar orgasm. So this guy is only having mediocre sex at best. He says he “doesn’t have to struggle” to hold out long enough during sex but he has no clue that it’s “the struggle” (which doesn’t have to be a struggle) which makes your orgasm ten times stronger.


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