XPorn 3D Creator Alpha Update 0.0.2


Greetings! a new update has just released, you need to update you client with the alpha launcher.


New Pose System

The previous bone rotation system is deprecated and has been replaced by the new Pose System (press enter to activate/exit pose system)

Facial Expressions

Now You have sliders to control all bones rotation and new Facial expressions on the female character:

Animated Characters from library

A test animated character (Kraken) has been added to the client. You can spawn, transform, and play animations on the kraken test character at creation menu [K]

Minor changes:

Fixed webbrowser (online help) [F2]

Updated GUI and functions

If you like the project and want to contribute for a faster development and tons of new content such as more characters (male & female) genitalia, body morphs, 3d objects and much more you can support me on Patreon <3

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