• XPorn 3D Creator Update 0.0.5

    XPorn 3D Creator Update 0.0.5

    Greetings! XPorn 3D Creator Update 0.0.5 is ready to download, remember to update your clients with the alpha launcher.

    0.0.5 Updatelog

    Extended save system: Now the savegames will save the Scene RGB lights color and location*, facial expressions and all houses location / rotation.

    *To load the saved scene RGB light preset you need to add the RGB lights to the loaded scene.

    Added Fluid Decals: Press K to add Fluid decals to female body.

    Fixed GUI mispelling errors, updated docs, added floor collision for VR camera.

    Updated Software License to CC to make it even less restrictive for commercial use: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/