• XPorn 3D Creator Update 0.10

    XPorn 3D Creator Update 0.10


    The Alpha update version 0.10 is finally here, take a look to all the new features:

    New Hair System

    A new hair system has been added to the engine, press H to open the hair style menu.

    You can change the color, set the hair shader materials, select between three new different test Hairstyles (more hair styles / LODs will be added in the future) and turn on/off realistic physics for hair!*

    *At the moment only the hair color and wheel color position are saved into the savegame slot 1

    New Drag / Grab Bone Pose System

    A new experimental Pose system has been added to the software, press G to show the bones and drag them by selecting them with the mouse and then translating / rotating / dragging the bones to pose the character.

    You can combine the Pose Mode sliders rotation (Enter) with the new Grab Pose System, allowing you to pose the character in a infinte number of positions.

    Use the Green arrows to move the character body between locked bones location.*

    Bone locations are saved into savegame slot 1.

    *Todo: add more bones, apply force, lock & unlock..

    New Scalability Options

    Now we have a way to set the engine scalability options at runtime by pressing O or opening the menu at main menu [F1]

    New HUD

    A new HUD as been designed and updated for all the systems.

    New Object

    A new test object (sofa) has been added to the object library [K]

    New Main Menu

    Press F1 to open the new Main Menu to save/load/exit the software and to check the new Credits and set scalability options.

    New Keys

    Press T to quick select translation mode, R to rotation mode and Y for Scale mode. Press Z to reset the character.

    Development Build & Standalone Full 0.10 Version Release

    Patrons will get a download link for the first development build with access to console commands and strings, also a full standalone client is released for those who are having issues with the launcher / updater.

    You dont need to download these files; it is Always recommended to update the client with the Alpha Launcher.

    Download Standalone Full 0.10 Version

    General Fixes:

    Updated physics, tootlips, texts, GUI, bones, rotations, fixed house position saves, updated materials.

    Thanks for your support! <3 https://patreon.com/thescenes

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