XPorn3D Creator – Launcher Updater

Hey there! the new public alpha version is ready to download, here is the update/changelog:

Download XPorn3D Creator Alpha Launcher

New Launcher /Updater

A new launcher / autoupdater has been coded and added to the project; you need to download the launcher and extract/execute it to start downloading the new client. The first time you open the launcher it will download the updated alpha version and each time you open the launcher it will check for updates and download/extract files if needed. If you have any issues with the launcher or the software you can contact support at https://xporn3d.com/contact

New Translation/rotation/scale system

A new translation system has been added to the project. You can translate, rotate and scale objects and actors, snap axis, delete objects & actors (supr) and select between world or local space rotation.

New Lighting system

New lighting system added with a RGB customizable light and some default movable color pointlights (todo: add customizable skylights, directional lights and spotlights)

New Objects

Added new objects (houses, vegetation, roads, lights and special effects)

New bones

Added new bones to human female model for the experimental character pose system.

Please Read the Online docs for the new manual & keys.

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