• XPorn3D Creator Update 0.1.1

    XPorn3D Creator Update 0.1.1

    Greetings! latest update with the first mod support system is here!


    Import Texture files for Body & Face materials

    The first modification system for the program is implemented for the alpha version, now you can import texture files (PNG,JPG…) to replace the character body & face textures*

    Press [Enter] to open the Load Texture menu, select the desired texture to change (normal,specular,color…) and a windows explorer window will pop up; navigate to your desired texture path or XPorn3D installation directory “XPorn3DCreator/Mods/Textures” and select the desired texture to apply.

    *Body & Face Material shader customizer will be added soon to the software.

    Breast Physics Update

    Added alpha test breast physics

    Bone Rotations

    Grab mode bone rotations (G) are now saved into Savegame Slot 1

    Updated Docs