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XPorn3D Creator is a next-gen 3D rendering windows x64 software with a experimental VR character rotation and virtual reality oriented workflow.

Online Docs (Manual)

The alpha version is a limited prototype in early stage of development and most systems are experimental, here is what you can actually achieve with XPorn3D Creator:

Alpha Version Features

  • Realtime Rendering
  • Experimental Pose system
  • Facial Expressions
  • Character Pose System
  • Post-Processing effects
  • Lighting system
  • Control-GUI-Movement System
  • Camera System
  • Load Object system
  • Load Animation system
  • Save Pose system
  • Rotation – Translation – Scale systems
  • Drag/Drop System (VR Grab mode)
  • Physics System
  • Hair System
  • Load Custom Textures for Materials
  • Customize shader materials
  • VR and Desktop (Windows) Compatible

Docs and License: https://xporn3d.com/documentation/

Support the Development https://patreon.com/thescenes